Aims and Scope


The Journal Annals of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants is an International Open Access Journal that aims at advancing the current knowledge and scholarly information on curative properties of drugs, which are present as complex chemical substances of varied composition in one or more of Medicinal & Aromatic plant parts. These plant metabolites are classified according to their composition as alkaloids, glycosides, corticosteroids, essential oils etc. The journal is a scientific journal that includes a wide range of fields in its discipline and reports about the usage of plants for fragrance and medicinal uses during the modern times by identifying the therapeutic ingredients in plants that play a crucial role.


  • Healing Plants
  • Herbal Monograph
  • Healing Herbs
  • History of Medicinal Plants
  • Aromatic Compounds
  • Aromatic Crops
  • Aromatic Flowers
  • Aromatic Plants
  • Aromatic Shrubs
  • Aromatics
  • Common Medicinal Plants
  • Fragrant Plants
  • Hawaiian Medicinal Plants
  • Healing Herbs
  • Healing Plants
  • Herbal Monograph
  • Herbs Side Effects
  • Herbs Side Effects
  • Herbs Toxicity
  • Herbs Toxicity-
  • Native American Medicinal Plants
  • Plant Medicine
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Psychoactive Herb

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