Aims and Scope


American Journal of Pharmacology (ISSN 2641-1377) journal aims is to provide an excellent source of scholarly information to all the researchers, professors, and professionals in this field across the world to read and share their research. Journal of Pharmacology strives to serve the scientific community in further research of drugs through significant articles which aids us to be the top journal among the global journal of pharmacology available.
Pharmacology is a branch of biomedical science, encompassing clinical pharmacology, which is concerned with the effects of drugs/pharmaceuticals and other xenobiotics on living systems, as well as their development and chemical properties.
American Journal of Pharmacology is also a journal of clinical pharmacology which covers a wide range of the topics in pharmacology & pharmaceutics, drugs including their drug composition & properties, synthesis and drug design, molecular and cellular mechanisms, organ/systems mechanisms, signal transduction/cellular communication, molecular diagnostics, interactions, toxicology, chemical biology, therapy, medical applications, antipathogenic capabilities and the properties and reactions of drugs especially with relation to their therapeutic value. Our journal also highlights on latest research works in the pharmacological studies. Journal accepts all types of articles like research articles, case reports, reviews, editorials, clinical images, commentaries and more.


  • Drug Theraphy
  • Medicine
  • Microbial Nanotechnology
  • Neuro Pharmacology
  • Pharmacology
  • Toxicology

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