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Brachial Artery Transection Following a Simple Open Posterior Elbow Dislocation in an Adult Female; A Case Report and Review of Literature

Christopher Yu Chow*

Department of Vascular Surgery, Ochsner Medical Center, USA

*Correspondance to: Christopher Yu Chow 

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Background/Objective: Although  brachial  artery  transection  is  a  rare  complication  of  an  acute, simple, posterior elbow dislocation, vascular surgeons must be aware of the injury and its variable presentation and treatment options.

Methods:We report a case of an obese, middle aged female who suffered this complicated injury after falling from her bicycle at a low speed. A review of the literature for similar cases was additionally conducted to highlight key issues regarding its diagnosis, management, and prognosis.
Results:Despite an initially reassuring vascular exam, the patient developed diminished pulses the day after her initial injury. After angiographic confirmation, an open surgical repair was performed. During the surgery, the elbow repeatedly dislocated, requiring intraoperative orthopedic assistance. In all cases reported, reconstruction of the artery led to restoration of the vasculature.

Conclusion:Brachial artery transection may be present in spite of seemingly low mechanism elbow dislocations  and  reassuring  initial  physical  examinations.  Although  a  rare  clinical  entity,  a  high index of suspicion must be maintained by the surgeon when consulted to evaluate upper extremity vascular trauma.


Simple  elbow  dislocation;  Open  elbow  dislocation;  Posterior  elbow  dislocation; Brachial artery transaction; Brachial artery injury; Traumatic vascular injury


Chow CY. Brachial Artery Transection Following a Simple Open Posterior Elbow Dislocation in an Adult Female; A Case Report and Review of Literature. World J Vasc Surg. 2021; 4(1): 1029..

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