Remedy Publications LLC - Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The journals of Remedy Publications LLC strictly obey with the publication ethics and policies, and would equally direct a legal audit if required. The duties of authors, reviewers, and editors of the journal are given below. It is expected that authors, reviewers and editors follows the best ethical practices contained therein.

Editor's Responsibilities

Editors are accountable for monitoring, and ensuring the equality, timeliness, diligence and civility of the peer review editorial process. Editors ensures all the manuscripts submitted undergo peer review process and at least two reviewers who are experts in the field should consider the peer reviewed manuscript.

Editors evaluate the manuscripts on the basis of their scholastic merit, originality, and its relevance to the journal's scope without any regard to the author's gender, race, affiliation, political influence and discrimination. The decisions of the publication of manuscript will be determined by the editorial board of the journal itself and no other government and agencies are not liable. The Editor-in Chief has the authority and responsibility over all the content and manuscripts published in the journal.

Editorial staff and board members will not unveil any information about the manuscript submitted to the journal other than the potential reviewers, corresponding author and publisher as appropriate.

Editorial Board of the journal will not use the unpublished information for their personal research or use without the author clear written approval. Every information and ideas obtained after handling the manuscripts for editors will be maintained confidential and are not used for personal interest. Editors will set free themselves from the manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest resultant from competitive and collaborative or any other connections with authors, companies, institutions related to the manuscripts, as a replacement, they will ask another editorial member to handle the manuscript.

Editors (in union with publisher) will take receptive measures when unethical behavior or concerns are raised in regards with the manuscripts submitted and published articles in the journal even discovered after several years of publication. The cases of suspected misconduct or reported unethical behavior will be taken into action or investigation and do the needful corrections or any concern note will be published in the journal.

Reviewer's Responsibilities

Reviewers assists the editors in the peer review process for decision making and also assists authors in the manuscript improvement. Reviewers need to do their fair part in the peer review process.

Reviewers need to report the editors about the unavailability, indisposition or inadequate expertise to review should decline the invitation to review the manuscript so that editors can contact the alternative reviewers. Reviewers with fair expertise should perform the entire peer review process. Reviewers should not share, preserve or discuss any information related to the manuscript assigned with outsiders without any prior consent with the Editorial Board of the journal.

Review process need to conducted without any prejudice and reviews should be clearly stated with supportive arguments and formulated objectively so that authors can improve the manuscripts using them. Unethical behavior, criticism of the authors is improper. Reviewers need to follow the entire peer review process and informing the editors in any manuscripts overlapping (published/unpublished) of their knowledge.

Reviewers will set free themselves from the manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest resultant from competitive and collaborative or any other connections with authors, companies, and institutions related to the manuscripts, as a replacement, they will ask reviewer to handle the manuscript. Unpublished manuscript information should not be in reviewers own research without any written consent from author. Any ideas or information should not be discussed with outsiders or should not be used for reviewer personal use including the invited reviewers who declined the invitation of review process.

Author's Responsibilities

Authors are expected to be liable for the data and information in their respective article along with taking the responsibility of the significance of the original research. The authors are anticipated to present genuine and original research in their article. Deceitful, inaccurate statements represent unethical publishing behavior, plagiarized content or phrases or results are not tolerated.

Authors may be asked and need to submit their raw materials or data of their research along with manuscript for the review process and should to be ready to display the data open if necessary without any concerns. Articles with same research content or the same article should not be published in more than one journal. Authors should not submit the article for consideration that has already been published in another journal.

Authors who made significant contributions to the article and met the authorship criteria(research, data acquisition, design, execution, analysis of the study, drafted the article) are listed as authors in the manuscripts as they have to take the civic responsibility for the content in their article. The corresponding author need to include only the appropriate coauthors and acknowledgements along with their written consent to be named. Authors should disclose any conflict of interest that might interpret the results or in the manuscript. All the resources and sources of financial support for the research work need to disclosed.

Author's research work or study which involves chemical procedures, unusual hazards in the process need to clearly mentioned in the manuscript. Any animal or human participants involved in the work, author should make sure that all procedures were performed in obedience with relevant laws and institution guidelines and has approval of appropriate committees. The rights of the human participants must always be considered.

Authors are required to cooperate with the peer review process and submit the required data, clarifications, ethics approval proofs, copyright permission, participant or patient consent. Authors need to revise the manuscripts if necessary and resubmit the manuscript.

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