J Hematol Mult Myeloma | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Short Communication | Open Access

Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma through a Scoring System

Alberto Saraiva Tibúrcio1* and Fabíola Curvello Leite Tibúrcio2

1Department of Infectious Diseases, University Federal Fluminense, Brazil 2Department of Dermatology, University Federal Fluminense, Brazil

*Correspondance to: Alberto Saraiva TibĂșrcio 

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The present study aims to present a scoring system to assess the probability of a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Through the survey in the literature of the frequencies of the signs and symptoms of this disease, a system of scores was built that allows the physician to make comparisons between possible differential diagnoses, as well as always keeping in mind the possibility of multiple myeloma.


Tibúrcio AS, Leite Tibúrcio FC. Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma through a Scoring System. J Hematol Mult Myeloma. 2020; 5(1): 1026.

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