J Dent Oral Biol | Volume 1, Issue 3 | Review Article | Open Access

Dental Stem Cell Banking, The Future is Here: A Case Report

Abhishek Singh Nayyar1*, Hetal Turakhia2 and Shravan Chawla3

1Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Saraswati Dhanwantari Dental College and Hospital and Post- Graduate Research Institute, India
2Department of Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge, Saraswati-Dhanwantri Dental College and Hospital and Post-Graduate Research Institute, India
3Department of Oral Medicine, Beyond Smiles Dental Care Pvt Ltd, India

*Correspondance to: Abhishek Singh Nayyar 

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The world over the entire educated population is well aware of the various possibilities of stem cell science and research, an endless possibility to repair and regenerate tissues in our body. Stem cell therapy has a promising future for tissue regenerative medicine. However, because stem cell technology is still in its infancy, interdisciplinary cooperation is needed to achieve successful clinical applications. Dental stem cells have drawn attention in recent years because of their accessibility, plasticity, and high proliferative ability. Several types of dental stem cells have been identified, including dental pulp stem cells from adult human dental pulp, stem cells from human primary exfoliated deciduous teeth, periodontal ligament stem cells, and dental follicle stem cells from human third molars. The concept of Dental Stem Cell Banking is gaining popularity in view of its affordability, ease of extractions, awareness amongst the patients and parents in case of child patients to safeguard their children health and the emphasis in modern medical research towards therapies from regenerative tissues.


Stem cell science and research; Dental stem cell banking


Nayyar AS, Turakhia H, Chawla S. Dental Stem Cell Banking, The Future is Here: A Case Report. J Dent Oral Biol. 2016; 1(3): 1011.

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