J Clin Ophthalmol Eye Disord | Volume 6, Issue 1 | Review Article | Open Access

Intraocular Lymphoma: A Review

Sabrina Rigo1*, Gwendoline Lepiece2 and Sabine Bonnet3

Department of Ophthalmology, CHR Citadelle, Belgium

*Correspondance to: Sabrina Rigo 

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Intraocular lymphoma is a rare disease but its oncologic nature makes it important to diagnose. However, the diagnosis is often delayed because of a specific clinical presentation usually as a masquerade syndrome of posterior chronic uveitis. Moreover, to confirm diagnosis, ocular sample for histological proof is mandatory but the sensitivity of this analysis remains low. This review aims to describe the main clinical characteristics and diagnosis tools for primary vitreoretinal and uveal lymphomas in order to improve early recognition of these pathologies in daily practice. We discuss treatment outlines and point out to the new perspectives of treatment and management challenges.


Intraocular lymphoma; Vitreoretinal lymphoma; Uveal lymphoma


Rigo S, Lepiece G, Bonnet S. Intraocular Lymphoma: A Review. J Clin Ophthalmol Eye Disord. 2022; 6(1): 1045.

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