J Clin Obstet Gynecol Infertil | Volume 8, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Outcome of Testicular Sperm Extraction in Men with Azoospermia

Dagvadorj B, Enkhtaivan O, Myagmartseren P and Enkhmaa D*

National Center for Maternal and Child Health, Mongolia

*Correspondance to: Davaasambuu Enkhmaa 

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Background: Infertility is a common disease that impacts about 20% of couples, with male infertility contributing to roughly half of these cases. Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) is the main treatment for male infertility with Non-Obstructive Azoospermia (NOA). Our purpose is to identify potential clinical predictor variables for TESE outcomes. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted prospectively in 2019-2022. We recruited 48 male patients with diagnosis of azoospermia in the Infertility and Reproductive Center, National Center for Maternal and Child health in Mongolia. Results: Mean age of males was 35.0 ± 5.03 with range of 22 to 45. Spermatozoa were successfully obtained from 32 (66.7%) men. There was statistically significant higher level of Follicle-stimulating hormone of 19.7 ± 12.3 (p-value 0.0007) in the failed sperm retrieval group comparing successful sperm retrieval group. Researchers used receiver operating characteristics curve to determine which FSH threshold level resulted successful retrieval of spermatozoa. 58.3% (n=28) patients with FSH less than 12.4 U/L or normal had spermatozoa and 8.3% (n=4) patients had without spermatozoa. The mean level of FSH in the cases without spermatozoa was 19.7 ± 12.3 IU/L. It was significantly higher than the cases with spermatozoa (p=0.007). FSH level of 12.4 mIU/mL is 90% sensitive to predict 90.0% of spermatozoa retrieval. We carried out 29 embryo transfers which was resulted 9 (31.0%) pregnancy. Conclusion: It is possible to assess the outcome of TESE procedures based on the level of FSH in the serum.


Azoospermia; Sperm retrieval; FSH; Testicular sperm extraction


Dagvadorj B, Enkhtaivan O, Myagmartseren P, Enkhmaa D. Outcome of Testicular Sperm Extraction in Men with Azoospermia. J Clin Obstet Gynecol Infertil. 2024; 8(1): 1064..

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