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Electro-Mechanical Impedance (EMI) based Axial Loads Influence on Damage of Steel Fiber Concrete

Dongdong Chen1, Zhijie Wang2#, Hao Cheng1, Linsheng Huo1* and Gangbing Song3*

1Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China
2Department of Underground Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China
3Department of Mechanical Engineering, Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory, University of Houston, USA
#The co-first author who has equal contribution with the first author

*Correspondance to: Linsheng Huo 

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Steel fiber concrete has higher tensile strength, higher fatigue strength and higher fracture toughness than traditional reinforced concrete. Because of these advantages, it is one of the most widely used types of material in water resources and hydropower engineering. In this paper, the Smart Aggregate (SA) sensors which made by sandwiched the water proofed piezoceramic patch into protective materials were casted into the steel fiber concrete specimens. The steel fiber concrete, which average compressive strength is 50 MPa, are divided into five groups according to different content of steel fiber (0, 30, 60, 90, 120) (kg/m3). Based on the electro-mechanical impedance signal which acquired from the Smart Aggregate (SA), the cracks and the damage status of steel fiber concrete can be detected. Specifically, the effects of axial compressive load were investigated by using step-by-step loading scheme which includes elastic, plastic and the destruction loading stage. A normalized Root-Mean-Square Deviation (RMSD) based analysis was developed to determine the relationship between destruction and impedance signal. The test results show that the normalized RMSD impedance damage index increases gradually with the increase of axial loading. It can be used to monitor the damage status of steel fiber concrete.


Health monitoring; Steel fiber concrete; Axial loads; Impedance method; Smart aggregate


Chen D, Wang Z, Cheng H, Huo L, Song G. Electro-Mechanical Impedance (EMI) based Axial Loads Influence on Damage of Steel Fiber Concrete. Int J Sens. 2019; 1(1): 1002 .

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