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Research Activity, Skills and Training Needs of HealthCare Professionals Employed in a Leading Medical Centre – A Reflection of its Eroded Professional Autonomy

Siew Yim Loh1,3*, Khairul2, Poh Chen Lee2, Speech2, Padmini Sundrasegaran3 and Ow Kwai Lyn1

1Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Malaya, Malaysia
2Department of Rehabilitation, University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia
3Living Lab Research Cluster, IPPP University Malaya, Malaysia

*Correspondance to: Loh SY 

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Research activities, skills and training needs for Health Care Professionals (HCP) is fundamental to advance the current standards of quality in delivering health care services. The aim of this study is to gain an insight of the level of research activity, research skills and training needs, and the research capacity among a group of healthcare professionals. A universal sampling of healthcare professionals, targeted at the three largest therapy disciplines of Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy (ST) and Physiotherapy (PT) was utilized. Between October 25th to November 4th 2017, a total of 195 HCP employed in a premier university-based medical center were invited to participate in the study using a designated 33-item survey questionnaire. Out of this, 175 HCP responded, giving a response rate of 89.7%. Speech Therapists reported the most (85.7%) active participation/ involvement in research, followed by Physiotherapists (18.1%) and where Occupational Therapists is the least engaged group (15.3%). With research attitude, 51.1% of the respondents are neutral towards research activities, with only 36.2% indicated favorable feelings for research work. For research skills, most of the respondents (60%) revealed that application for research-funding as the most challenging barrier that inhibits them from involving in research activity. Majority of the respondents expressed poor research skills and proposed for a mentorship support system, with ‘opportunities for collaboration with other clinicians and academicians, as their preference options for future training. This study found a lack of support system for research involvement, and whereby poor skills and knowledge on research may contribute to the low level of involvement in research activities in these HCPs. It highlights the dire need for postgraduate education, training, and more cost-effective support system as well as support for EBP (Evidence based practice) with implications for the quadruple healthcare aim.


Research activities; Skills; Training; Health care professionals (HCPs); Occupational therapy; Physiotherapy; Speech therapy; Evidence based practice (EBP)


Loh SY, Khairul, Lee PC, Speech, Sundrasegaran P, Lyn OK. Research Activity, Skills and Training Needs of Health-Care Professionals Employed in a Leading Medical Centre – A Reflection of its Eroded Professional Autonomy. Ann Womens Health. 2018; 2(1): 1011.

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