Ann Thorac Surg Res | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Sternal Closure with a Braided Cable System: Another Word of Caution

Louis Edward Samuels* and David Klodowski BS

Department of Surgery, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA

*Correspondance to: Louis Edward Samuels 

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Sternal closure techniques following open heart surgery vary from simple stainless-steel wires to more complex products designed to improve bony stability to promote healing and reduce pain. A sternal cable, which is made of braided metallic material, has been used in cardiac surgery with mixed results. The author (L.E.S.) reports the experience with the braided cable system and the concern for sternal wound complications. A case of sternal wound infection is described in the context of a period in which a spike in complications overall occurred in association with this product. As previously reported with a plastic sternal closure system, the same concern for sternal wound problems related to the product applies and another ‘word of caution’ is in order. Perhaps the simplest product stainless steel wires are still the best product.


Samuels LE, David Klodowski BS. Sternal Closure with a Braided Cable System: Another Word of Caution. Ann Thorac Surg Res. 2019; 1(2): 1007..

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