Ann Surg Case Rep | Volume 6, Issue 4 | Case Report | Open Access

Primary Adrenal Schwannoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Gupta A, Mehrnoush V, Shabana W, Kotb A, Elmansy H, Zakaria A and Shahrour W*

Department of Urology, Northern Ontario School of Medicine University, Canada

*Correspondance to: Walid Shahrour 

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Background: Primary adrenal schwannoma is a rare benign tumor that is thought to arise from peripheral nerve sheaths in the adrenal gland. It shares similar characteristics with schwannomas occurring in other anatomic regions, namely the head and neck. Due to its suspicious appearance on most imaging modalities, the tumor is assumed to be malignant until definitively diagnosed after surgical excision. Case Report: A 60-year-old male was being investigated for an inguinoscrotal mass and was found to have an incidental adrenal mass on computed tomography. There was nonspecific local lymphadenopathy as well as nonspecific pulmonary nodules, raising suspicion for metastatic adrenal carcinoma. Laboratory workup for hormone-secreting tumor was negative. Magnetic resonance imaging of the adrenals was organized, and confirmed a 54 mm × 55 mm left adrenal mass in contact with the renal cortex, with heterogenous enhancement, lobulated contours, and two enhancing nodules suspicious for metastatic lymphadenopathy. A presumptive diagnosis of adrenal carcinoma was made by the treating urologist. Laparoscopic radical adrenalectomy was performed under general anesthesia, and required open conversion due to an adhered splenic vein. Pathological analysis after surgical excision revealed a schwannoma, a rare but benign adrenal tumor. Conclusion: Retroperitoneal schwannomas account for 1% to 3% of all schwannomas and 1% of all retroperitoneal masses, and retroperitoneal schwannomas arising directly from the adrenal gland are even less common. Despite its rarity, schwannoma should be considered in the differential for adrenal incidentalomas due to the lack of precise preoperative diagnostic features.


Schwannoma; Adrenal; Tumor; Incidentaloma; Adrenalectomy; Urology; Retroperitoneal


Gupta A, Mehrnoush V, Shabana W, Kotb A, Elmansy H, Zakaria A, et al. Primary Adrenal Schwannoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Ann Surg Case Rep. 2023; 6(4): 1084..

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