Ann Surg Case Rep | Volume 5, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Atypical Recurrent Nonbacterial Endocarditis on Bioprosthesis

Botea R1,2*, Marcheix B1, Gautier P2 and Porterie J1

1Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Rangueil University Hospital, Toulouse, France
2Department of Cardiology, Rangueil University Hospital, Toulouse, France

*Correspondance to: [email protected] 

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Nonbacterial Thrombotic Endocarditis (NBTE) is a rare manifestation of a hypercoagulable state, frequently due to an occult cancer, characterized by the deposition of fibrin vegetations on cardiac valves and rarely described on biological valvular prosthesis. Its diverse clinical presentation is commonly related to embolic complications. Its management mainly addresses the underlying cause. An anticoagulation regimen should be associated, and best evidence still favors low-molecular weight heparins. We report the case of a recurrent NBTE on a bioprosthetic aortic valve despite direct oral anticoagulation, in a patient with pancreatic adenocarcinoma.


Nonbacterial Thrombotic Endocarditis; Infective endocarditis; Transesophageal Echocardiography


Botea R, Marcheix B, Gautier P, Porterie J. Atypical Recurrent Nonbacterial Endocarditis on Bioprosthesis. Ann Surg Case Rep. 2022; 5(2): 1062..

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