Ann Surg Case Rep | Volume 3, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Pericecal Hernia Presenting as Acute Appendicitis: A Case Report

Anupam Gupta, Michael Kucharik, Arye Lavinand Miguel Lopez-Viego

Department of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University, USA Department of General & Vascular Surgery, Bethesda Hospital East, USA

*Correspondance to: Michael Kucharik 

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We would like to report an unusual case of a pericecal hernia in a 93 years old female. The patient did not report a history of previous abdominal surgery and presented with acute abdominal pain, obstipation, nausea, and vomiting. Diagnosis was made with computerized tomography and laparoscopy was performed, which was significant for loops of small bowel in the pericecal region in a defect of peritoneum. The small bowel loops were mobilized back in the intraperitoneal location and the defect was closed to prevent further herniation. Our case is an extremely rare presentation of a rare condition, as there have only been five reported cases of pericecal hernias that required immediate surgical intervention and outlined explicit details of the surgical procedure. This case highlights the importance of suspecting strangulated internal hernias in patients with signs and symptoms of acute appendicitis to prevent significant morbidity and mortality.


Gupta A, Kucharik M, Lavin A, Lopez- Viego M. Pericecal Hernia Presenting as Acute Appendicitis: A Case Report. Ann Surg Case Rep. 2020; 3(1): 1024..

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