Ann Surg Case Rep | Volume 2, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Primary Cardiac Intimal Sarcoma

Amalan Thuraisingam1,3*, Naomi Fletcher2, Glenn McKay1,3 and Jonathan Smiles2

1Department of cardiothoracic surgery, The Canberra hospital, Australia
2Department of Capital pathology, Canberra ACT, Australia
3The National Capital Private Hospital, Australia

*Correspondance to: Amalan Thuraisingam 

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Primary cardiac intimal sarcoma is an extremely rare, aggressive malignant tumour with a poor prognosis. Intimal sarcoma arises from the sub-endothelial cells in the intima of the large arterial blood vessels. Here, we present a 44 years old female with primary cardiac intimal sarcoma, originating from the left ventricle and left atrium with involvement of the mitral valve.


Thuraisingam A, Fletcher N, McKay G, Smiles J. Primary Cardiac Intimal Sarcoma. Ann Surg Case Rep. 2019; 2(1): 1013.

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