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Perinatal Survival in Women with Low Resources with Early Onset, Late Onset Hypertensive Disorders

Chhabra S* and Singh A

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Medical Sciences, India

*Correspondance to: Chhabra S 

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Background: Perinatal outcome is affected in Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy (HDsP). Due to many reasons, including gestation, interventions done. It seems etiology, pathogenesis of Early Onset (EO), Late Onset (LO) HDsP, effects on mother, baby too are different.
Objectives: To know perinatal survival in EO, LO HDsP cases. Material
Methods: Study subjects according to inclusion criteria, 1076 cases of HDsP (11.73% of 8920 births during study) with singleton pregnancy, beyond twenty weeks, without any pre-existing disorders, were divided into, EO (category A ≥ 20 to <28 weeks, B (≥ 28 to <34 weeks), LO (category C ≥ 34 to < 37 weeks, D ≥ 37weeks), as per onset of HDsP.
Results: Mean gestation at birth in category A was 30+1 weeks, B 32+6, C 35+4 weeks, D 38+4 weeks. In category A there were 97.5% preterm births 42.5% caesarean sections, 100% perinatal deaths in births before 28 weeks, 2 babies who reached term survived. Critical gestation was 32 weeks plus. In category B, 84.29% were preterm births, 15.71% term births, CSR 53.93%. In category C, 31.37% were preterm births, 68.63% term 40.63% CSR, category D, 54% vaginal births, CBs 46%. Mean birth weight in category A was 1741.54 gms, B 1936.31 gms, C 2633.38 gms, D 2677.30 gms. Perinatal deaths in category A were 45%, B 25.13%, C 14.32%, D 14.00%.
Conclusion: EO HDsP have more adverse perinatal outcome than LO HDsP. For pregnancy which could go to around 34 weeks survival was similar to term cases. More research is needed.


Early onset; Late onset; Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy; Fetal neonatal outcome


Chhabra S, Singh A. Perinatal Survival in Women with Low Resources with Early Onset, Late Onset Hypertensive Disorders. Ann Pregnancy Birth. 2018; 1(1): 1003.

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