Ann Plast Reconstr Surg | Volume 7, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Amniotic Band Syndrome in a Preterm Infant: A Case Report

Zarif NO*

Department of Child Health and Diseases, Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey

*Correspondance to: Nurten Ozkan Zarif 

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Amniotic band syndrome is a condition that begins with the premature rupture of the amniotic membrane and is characterized by an asymmetric destructive fetal process and is a broad spectrum that can cause limb amputation, craniofacial and visceral defects from a simple constriction ring. In this article, a 25-week-old preterm newborn case with amniotic band-related defects in the upper and lower extremities, born from a mother with a history of irregular use of lithium and biperiden hydrochloride with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder, is presented because there is no need for amputation with the early surgical method. The possible causes of this syndrome, whose etiology is not fully determined, are discussed.


Amniotic band; Amputation; Intrauterine


Zarif NO. Amniotic Band Syndrome in a Preterm Infant: A Case Report. Ann Plast Reconstr Surg. 2023; 7(2): 1107.

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