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Regenerative Approach to Facial Scars with the Vampire Scar Technique: A Single Center Experience

Daniele Bollero*

Department of Plastic Surgery, CTO Hospital - Turin, Italy

*Correspondance to: Daniele Bollero 

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Objectives: Evaluation of the acceptance and patient satisfaction of the combination of Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) with microneedling in the treatment of face scars of various cause.
Patients and Methods: The author reports his experience on 50 patients (42 F, 8 M), with face scars. Twenty patients (18 F, 2 M; age: 18 to 30 years) were affected by atrophic acne scars in inactive phase. Twenty patients presented with scars in a remodeling phase (14 F, 6 M; age: 28 to 60 years) lasting up to 6 month after traumatic injuries or surgical procedures. Ten patients (7 F, 3 M; 35 to 51 years) were affected by post-burn scars. Patients’ satisfaction was evaluated with the GAIS score.
Results: Adherence was complete in all cases. At the end of the treatment scars were evaluated as “very much improved” by 10 patients (20%) and “much improved” by 24 patients (48%). In 24 (12%) cases the scars were considered “improved”. Only 4 /50 patients (8 %) declared that the procedures gave no results.
Conclusion: The combination of PRP and needling can be safely and satisfactorily used to treat face scars.


Regenerative medicine; Platelets rich plasma; Needling; Scar; Vampire; Dermapen


Bollero D. Regenerative Approach to Facial Scars with the Vampire Scar Technique: A Single Center Experience. Ann Plast Reconstr Surg. 2022;6(3):1096..

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