Ann Pain Med | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

A Case of Postoperative Neuropathic Pain Management after Thyroidectomy

Masae Iwasaki*, Norihito Suzuki, Yoko Hori, Yuki Genda, Hiroaki Kishikawa and Atsuhiro Sakamoto

Department of Anaesthesiology, Nippon Medical School, Japan

*Correspondance to: Masae Iwasaki 

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Rationale: We experienced report a case of the persistent neuropathic pain and allodynia after thyroidectomy.
Case Report: An 84-year-old woman presented with chronic neck pain one year after thyroidectomy. Her symptoms were a hypoesthesia around the right neck scar, and a continuous and spiking pain with allodynia in the right neck and arm. NSAIDs and duloxetine was not effective for these symptoms. The combination with of nortriptyline 10 mg per day and pregabalin 25 mg per day improved the neuropathic pain and allodynia gradually after two weeks of intake. With nortriptyline 25 mg and pregabalin 100 mg, the patient only experienced discomfort around the neck was remained at two years after surgery.
Discussion: The mediation Treatment with nortriptyline and pregabalin improved the neuropathic pain and allodynia significantly even one year after the surgery, without causing any severe side effects.


Neuropathic pain; Nortriptyline; Pregabalin; Thyroidectomy


Iwasaki M, Suzuki N, Hori Y, Genda Y, Kishikawa H, Sakamoto A. A Case of Postoperative Neuropathic Pain Management after Thyroidectomy. Annals Pain Med. 2018;1(1):1004.

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