Ann Clin Otolaryngol | Volume 2, Issue 4 | Case Report | Open Access

Choanal Atresia with Other Uncommon Abnormality: A Rare Case Report

Maruvala S*, Mohiyuddin SMA, Chaudhary S, Nellanchery M

Department of ENT & Head and neck surgery, Sri Devraj Urs Medical College, India,

*Correspondance to: Shreeharsha Maruvala 

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A 37 year old male patient presenting to department of ENT in a tertiary rural hospital, with right sided nasal obstruction since childhood. On clinical examination found to have Coloboma iris, ptosis and micropthalmia of right side along with a complete Choanal atresia and right lop ear. There were no other clinical abnormalities detected. Keeping possibility of CHARGE syndrome systemic workup was conducted. But no other known component of this syndrome was found.


Maruvala S, Mohiyuddin SMA, Chaudhary S, Nellanchery M. ChoanalAtresia with Other UncommonAbnormality: A Rare Case Report. AnnClin Otolaryngol. 2017; 2(4): 1022.

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