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Long Term Effects of Mesoglycan on Brachial Arterial Stiffness and MMP-9/TIMP-1 System in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

Antonio Valvano1, Giorgio Bosso1, Serena Ricci1, Angelina Di Carlo2 and Ugo Oliviero1*

1Department of Translational Medical Sciences, Federico II University, Italy
2Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy

*Correspondance to: Ugo Oliviero 

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Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the chronic effects of mesoglycan on the vascular remodeling in patients with metabolic syndrome (Mets).
Background: MetS is defined by a clustering of vascular risk factors that require both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions, including body weight reductions and physical activity. The correction of vascular remodeling associated with MetS has lately received increasing interest.
Methods: Thirty consecutive ambulatory patients affected by MetS were 2:1 randomized in a double-blind fashion to receive mesoglycan or placebo, respectively. At the beginning and after 90 days of oral treatment we appraised the effects of mesoglycan (50 mg per os bid) or placebo on vascular remodeling, as assessed by the measurement of arterial wall elastic properties. Moreover, the matrix metalloproteinase’s (MMPs) type 9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (TIMP) type 1 were analyzed by enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) and gelatin substrate zymography at the beginning of the study and after 90 days of treatment.
Results: After 90 days of treatment, a marked improvement of arterial distensibility and compliance was detected in Mesoglycan group, with associated significant reduction of arterial stiffness, and a significant reduction of serum levels of MMP-9 and TIMP-1 and significant reduction of enzyme activity of MMPs. Conclusions: This small, preliminary study shows that mesoglycan exerts relevant effects on vascular remodeling after three-month treatment, in patients affected by metabolic syndrome.


Mesoglycan; Arterial stiffness; Coefficient of distensibility; Matrix metallo proteinases; Metabolic syndrome


Valvano A, Bosso G, Ricci S, Di Carlo A, Oliviero U. Long Term Effects of Mesoglycan on Brachial Arterial Stiffness and MMP-9/TIMP-1 System in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome. Ann Atheroscler Res. 2018;1(3):1011.

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