Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg | Volume 7, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Otological Surgery in Mali: Our Experience

Coulibaly O, Koné FI*, Cissé N, Traoré K, Dicko I, Dembélé Y, Ganaba A, Samaké H, Diarra K, Konaté N, Tafo N, Camara N, Singaré K, Timbo SK and Kéita MA

Department of ENT-Head and Neck, University Hospital of Gabriel Touré, Mali

*Correspondance to: Fatogoma Issa Koné 

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Objectives: Evaluate our experience through a review of five ontological surgeries in Mali.
Material and Methods: This is an observational, descriptive and retrospective study that took place in the ENT Department - Head and Neck surgery of the University Hospital Gabriel. It took place over a period of 8 years from July 2014 to June 2022.
Results: During this period, 807 surgeries were performed 150 cases of otologic surgery accounted for 18.6%. The age group of 11 to 20 years was predominant with 34%. The sex ratio was 0.87 in favor of the female sex. Hearing loss was the main reason for consultation, 73.3% (n=110). Tympanic perforation was found in 71.3% of cases and intact in 28.7%. Myringoplasty was the type of surgery performed 65.3% followed by the installation of transtympanic aerator in 13.3%, platinectomy and platinotomy in 12.6%. Operative follow-up was reported by operative revision in 22.2% of cases of chronic cholesteatomatous mastoiditis and the tympanic closure rate was 95.2% in eighteen months compared with 4.8% failure.
Conclusion: The otological surgery in Mali is recent. It occupies a prominent place in ENT surgical activities.


Otology; Myringoplasty; Platinotomy; Mastoidectomy; Middle ear-surgery


Coulibaly O, Koné FI, Cissé N, Traoré K, Dicko I, Dembélé Y, et al. Otological Surgery in Mali: Our Experience. Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2024; 7(1): 1255..

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