Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg | Volume 7, Issue 1 | Case Series | Open Access

Nasopalatine Canal Cyst: About Two Clinical Cases

Dicko I1, Haidara AW2, Konaté O1*, Ganaba A1, Cissé N1, Traoré N3, Touré T4, Traoré Y1, Coulibaly A1, Wane A1, Coulibaly O1, Traoré K1, Diarra K1, Konaté N1, Koné FI1, Guindo B1, Soumaoro S1, Singaré K1 and Kéïta MA1

1Gabriel Toure University Hospital, Mali
2Hospital Regional of Segou, Mali
3hospital Regional of Kayes, Mali
4Laboratory of Anatomical of Faculty of Medicine and Odontostomatology of Bamako, Mali

*Correspondance to: Oumar Konaté 

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Objective: We report 2 cases of clinical observation of nasopalatine cyst treated by enucleation. Through these cases we wanted to study the diagnostic and therapeutic epidemiological aspect of nasopalatine cyst.
Cas Report: Two male patients aged 53 and 32 seen in consultation at the otolaryngology department of the Gabriel Touré university hospital center for nasal obstruction associated with swelling of the hard palate. The first case presented other associated signs such as: Retro-orbital headaches, rhinorrhea. A CT scan of the facial area was performed in our two patients and demonstrated the presence of the cyst. In our first patient, KNP was associated with sphenoiditis. Both patients underwent enucleation with excision of the cyst. A right sphenoidotomy via the endonasal route was associated in the first patient.
Conclusion: The KNP is of embryonic origin. It must be differentiated from an apico-dental cyst. Diagnosis is based on radiology and histology. The treatment is surgical. The approach depends on the size and anteroposterior extent of the cyst. The excision must be complete to avoid recurrence.


Cyst; Nasopalatine; Enucleation; Sphenoiditis


Dicko I, Haidara AW, Konaté O, Ganaba A, Cissé N, Traoré N, et al. Nasopalatine Canal Cyst: About Two Clinical Cases. Am J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2024; 7(1): 1257..

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