Am J Med Public Health | Volume 5, Issue 1 | Research Article | Open Access

Carbon Negative Genetically Engineered Foods for Humankind

Michael VT*

Department of Medical Science, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

*Correspondance to: Michael Vladislavovich Tyurin 

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To cope with the anticipated in the next 10 to 25 years Global starvation of Humankind due to the anticipated shortage of the fresh water on Earth we have developed the expression system to express recombinant genes of various kinds of meat to manufacture Carbon Negative genetically engineered meats as foods for the Humankind. When the author had his Ph.D.-studentship at the USSR Research Institute for Antibiotics (Moscow, the Russian Federation) he had enjoyed the mushrooms shampinioni grown using mycelium of antibiotics producing streptomyces grown at the same University. Keeping that positive experience in his mind the author has suggested that the mushrooms of the family Borovik might be grown on the used cell mass of the Acetogen biocatalysts used to manufacture the carbon negative fuels he has manufactured. Based on that the tubular mushrooms Borovik has to be totally carbon negative the author has proposed the system based on the white tubular mushrooms known as Borovik. As the results section shows said genetically engineered meats were as tasty as the real not genetically engineered meats as per the opinion of our top executive management team which has tasted the meals prepared at our corporation site. Said genetically engineered foods will be available at the new type of the gas stations to save plenty of time to our valuable customers. Said genetically engineered meats have to be approved for the mass consumption by the respective governmental authorities.


Global humankind starvation; Recombinant genes; Carbon negative recombinant foods; Borovik


Michael VT. Carbon Negative Genetically Engineered Foods for Humankind. Am J Med Public Health. 2024; 5(1): 1058..

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