Am J Med Public Health | Volume 4, Issue 3 | Research Article | Open Access

Refrigeration Potential of Fruit Trees Introduced in West Georgia

Gaprindashvili I*, Asanidze N, Lamparadze SH and Gamkrelidze K

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia

*Correspondance to: Inga Gaprindashvili 

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The paper explores the challenges related to the development of agricultural technology services in the humid subtropical region of Georgia, with a focus on the Gvara-Khutsubani demonstration nursery of fruit tree crops, which tests both introduced and local varieties of fruit trees and subtropical crops. This contributes to the diversification of the gene pool of these crops in the region. Additionally, this initiative has the potential to increase the value chain and export refrigeration capacity of the fruit tree nursery. Rubinola, Gold Rush, Champagne Reinette, Fuji Kiku, Forlaid, Ariva, Georgian Sinapi, Topaz, Summerland, Conference, Abbot Vettel, and Carmen, were subjected to experimental studies. During the studies, the phenological phases of 9 apple and 3 pear varieties were observed, along with biometric indicators, yield, cold storage potential of raw materials, and respiration intensity.


Phenological phases: Gene pool; Fruit Trees


Gaprindashvili I, Asanidze N, Lamparadze SH, Gamkrelidze K. Refrigeration Potential of Fruit Trees Introduced in West Georgia. Am J Med Public Health. 2023; 4(3): 1048..

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