Am J Med Public Health | Volume 4, Issue 3 | Short Communication | Open Access

How to Help Managing Emotions Felt by Bipolar Patients?

Bourin M*

Neurobiology of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, University of Nantes, France

*Correspondance to: Michel Bourin, 

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The regulation of the control of the emotional experience is one of the determining parameters of the adaptation of an individual to his environment. Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric pathology in which disturbances in the processing of emotions are particularly marked during acute episodes and persist during the interictal period. Treatment with mood stabilizers generally improves the perception of emotions, while antidepressants are brakes on this perception. Finally, simple psychological measures can be useful in controlling emotions.


Bipolar disorder; Emotions; Euthymic state; Mood stabilizers


Bourin M. How to Help Managing Emotions Felt by Bipolar Patients?. Am J Med Public Health. 2023; 4(3): 1046..

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