Am J Leuk Res | Volume 7, Issue 1 | Editorial | Open Access

Managing Extramedullary Disease in Multiple Myeloma: A Clinical Case Paradigm

Kotsos D#, Frouzaki C#, Chatzileontiadou S, Fola A, Papaioannou M and Hatjiharissi E*

Hematology Unit, 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Aristotle University School of Medicine, University Hospital, Greece #These authors are equally contributed to this work

*Correspondance to: Evdoxia Hatjiharissi 

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Extramedullary Disease (EMD) in Multiple Myeloma (MM) poses a unique clinical challenge, with uncommon manifestations beyond the bone marrow and a dismal prognosis. This rare disease variant can impact multiple anatomical areas, complicating therapeutic strategies. This case report explores a complex manifestation of multiple myeloma with extramedullary involvement, particularly affecting the head and neck region. Despite receiving radiation therapy and many lines of therapy, the disease continued to advance aggressively, resulting in the development of lumps in the neck and visible lesions on the chest wall. The disease showed resistance to daratumumab, indicating anti-CD38 refractory disease, a condition that is becoming more acknowledged in the field of myeloma management. The limited effectiveness of new immunotherapies in patients with advanced extramedullary disease reflects the clinical and biological diversity of this entity.


Kotsos D, Frouzaki C, Chatzileontiadou S, Fola A, Papaioannou M, Hatjiharissi E. Managing Extramedullary Disease in Multiple Myeloma: A Clinical Case Paradigm. Am J Leuk Res. 2024; 7(1): 1030..

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