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Successful Treatment of a Refractory Polymyositis Patient with Tofacitinib

Mustafa Al Izzi

Department of Rheumatology, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, UAE

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The inflammatory myopathies are a group of disorders sharing the common feature of immunemediated muscle disorder. The most common of these disorders include; Dermatomyositis (DM), overlap  syndromes  (with  another  systemic  rheumatic  disease),  Inclusion  Body  Myositis  (IBM) which  is  usually  refractory  to  conventional  therapy,  Immune-Mediated  Necrotizing  Myopathy (IMNM) and Polymyositis (PM). Other subtypes of inflammatory myopathy include eosinophilic myositis and granulomatous myositis.Polymyositis  treatment  is  usually  prolonged  and  includes  a  battery  of  immunomodulating medications  mainly  systemic  steroids,  methotrexate  and  azathioprine  frequently  used  in combination but many cases prove resistant necessitating more potent therapeutic options such as rituximab, Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG), mycophenolate mofetil, cyclosporine, tacrolimus and cyclophosphamide, however the outcome of such therapies can still be unsatisfactory.


Polymyositis (PM); Dermatomyositis (DM); Janus kinase (JAK)


Al Izzi M. Successful Treatment of a Refractory Polymyositis Patient with Tofacitinib. Am J Arthritis. 2020;4(1):1017..

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